23 December 2010

Recent Pick-ups...

Some more shit I don't really need I picked up over the last couple of months. Starting with the classic winter wardrobe staple, old man chic, the Marks and Sparks lambswool crewneck in rust, taking full advantage of their one day spectacular, a tenner.
Also picked up a dark plum coloured Benetton crewneck from their store in Oxford Circus.

Continuing the old man chic streak, a classic Daks wool scarf, I've never seen one as fruity as this, lots of nice colour, kept me snug as a bug in a rug during a recent jaunt to a cold capital city.

And an Artesania handmade hat, which came with hand knitted gloves too.

Norse Projects classic blazer in Universal blue, a great all year rounder.

I picked up a great herringbone tweed vest/waistcoat from Uni Qlo and added my own crushed minstrel buttons, I only got this so I could spill more ale down it than my friends could actually drink and then mock them for it. Pph.

Wrangler Records shirt, a rather nice chambray shirt with extra cool - elbow patches, really nice shirt which was as fairly priced as they come.

Woolrich heavy chamois button down shirt with a fishing fly throughout, what? OK, I know, I can't tell if it's the coolest or gayest thing I've ever bought either.

An old school Boneville thick quarter zip, with a nice high collar, made in Italy, warm as fuck.

Dickies flannel lined work pants, I think these are great, even if might look a bit like a caretaker.

Edwin Ed-47 Rainbow Selvedge, couldn't say no at around 60% off.
>a href="http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_OvnCtKGr6bE/TPZKh_cv2OI/AAAAAAAAC30/sHmXAHlLalM/s1600/3.PNG">
Yet more strides from Howies, a brand I first saw in Oi Polloi several years back when I bought a cool jacket with a million pockets on it , a real eco brand who don't muck about, a little pricey really, but luckily I spotted a sale store on my travels in East London and nabbed two pairs of army green kecks for twenty bob each, with a retail of a ton twenty!

I also grabbed their Doh Boy! vinyl figure, basically a bit of a swipe at how bread is produced these days or summat heavy like that, I've always just wanted the little fatty stood on a shelf, rude not too at forty quid off. Look at his big fat, flat freckly head.

Clarks Weaver in camel, I've had bare Wallabees over the years, always go back to them, and why not eh? cooler than Steve McQueen's pet pooch.
A printed newsletter from fellow blogsters Offhand, who even did an interview with a very good pal of mine, Charlie D!
I grabbed these cool cards from Oi Polloi by mega illustrator Ben Lamb, he did Stevie Mc, Jack Nicholson and Hunter S, I don't know what to do with the others yet.
Last but certainly not least, three massive old Peanuts button badges, already had the 'Hike It' one inspired by this, now I've got two, I feel I'm winning in my personal quest to make geeky buttons acceptable once more, it's not hard with these. These are over fifty years old. A meeting with Ian P of The Garbstore made me appreciate Snoopy, Charlie, Woodstock and co for their ever-lasting charm. Aceness.


  1. Hey where did you get your Woolrich heavy chamois shirt from? Been looking for somewhere to get the all over print.

  2. The World's Online Market Place mate.