17 May 2010

Say it with badges.

6876 button badge set. Paris student riots, New Left Notes.
Vintage Clarks Commandos, nuff said.
Vintage Snoopy 'Peanuts' badge, arrived all the way from Ontario, Canada, found after spotting here. If an old badge can actually be deemed cool then this is the Steve McQueen of badges.
Madness badge I bought in London approximately eleven years ago.

The Casual Connoisseur's 'right on' repros.

And so a daft little obsession begins, I was always a fussy one when it came to putting badges on my person, I'd only wear a tiny enamel style football pin, the only hint of allegiance, but even then piercing a minuscule hole into an expensive chunk of rasso, spalmatura or any other glow-in-the-dark expensive coated piece of cotton was a bad idea, but as I got a bit older, less fussy and more hippy I quite enjoy the idea of button badges. They're a bit studenty, a bit punk, six form rebel, but I like a bit of geek chic now and again, plus it's a cool way of making a little statement, positive, pro active, promotional, provocative, and again a hint of allegiance.
If it's good enough for Serpico and Travis Bickle it's good enough for me.

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