4 May 2010

Recent Pick-ups.

Socks 'n shirts during my latest puntery. Including from the top, a belter from 6876, new and tagged from nearly ten years back, a tenner well spent. Lacoste crewneck rude not to when it's £100 down to thirty bins. More Ralph, a nice Oxford button down and a clockwork orange long sleeved jobby, I do love a long sleeved polo this time of year. Also, a Rohan two pocket safari shirt,Lee Prince shirt - a black cowboy shirt? I've changed. Yeehaw. Gant patchwork madras, it's like something Nelson Mandela might wear to a disco, and for that reason I'm in. Finally a Faconnable shirt with that mad bird running off with someone's golf club on it, I like that one.
Join me for another thrilling installment next time I've sold some shit, raised some cash and spent it just as quickly.

1 comment:

  1. Been thinking about a bit of Ralph myself, and I'm with you on the whole selling stuff to buy more thing. Wardrobe rotation I call it - the only way to be in an economic downturn.