21 December 2010

Sock drawer.

Yep, you've guessed it, time to discuss socks, as it's almost Christmas day (already?) the only real acceptable time to talk about socks without looking like a bit of a dick. If you're like me, then the magic of Christmas has long since gone, that's probably got something to with getting older rather than my complete cynicism towards virgins giving birth, Home Alone 3, Cliff Richard, DFS' fucking sale, and fat old beardy men breaking in via the chimney to commit nothing but a good deed. Getting older means getting socks for Christmas, so if you're buying this year, buy me these.

L to R. Universal Works' rib sock £10 and diamond sock £12, thicker than the snow outside and perfect for big clunky hiking boots, they shout instant warmth to me, the most inviting thing you'll see on a cold winter's morning, apart from a cup of hot Vimto. Burlington's classic argyle socks, if you like socks you like Burlingtons, it's that simple, get 'em from afh they're in the sale at the moment.
Bottom, L to R. Happy Socks, a nice green and yellow thin striped combo and a nautical theme with the half stripe and red base mix £6 from Happy Socks. Solmate's cotton recycled socks in ‘Covered Bridges’ and ‘Daffodil’ the coolest socks you'll see all year, $19 from Hickorees Hard Goods all the way over in Brooklyn.

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  1. Scott Nichol produce a fine English sock and if you're lucky they can turn up in TK Maxx.