26 January 2010

Recent pick-ups.

Stretching my shoestring as far as I can, here's a few buys over the last month. There's an unintentional nineties - early noughties vibe about some of this stuff which was not deliberate.

Garbstore CPW Country shirt, a heavyweight over-shirt with a great mottled wool texture, and as always nice little details, including an optional 'Ranger' patch which I probably wouldn't add, but like
the fact it's there if I wanted to.

F-Troupe's 'The Rambler' boot, I liked these when they were first released, I liked them even more with 75 boff off the retail price.

Another couple of imported Ralph Madras bright check shirts, I'm loving these at the moment, even if it is more geared towards summer wear.

I also picked up an old Paul Smith 'Super Chino' shirt, I bought a navy one from the same range with massive pockets from Aspecto in Nottingham what seems like a decade ago now, still going strong though. This has an ace treble pocket detail, with a removable pocket bag too, which I don't really understand, but like anyway.

And an old (new) Melka long sleeved pure wool tobacco polo shirt not unlike those of the more well known John Smedley. Scandinavian brand Melka's a bit under the radar, but I've a few bits and bobs, they did a cool pipe based advertising campaign around 2002 aswell...

And finally two pairs of The Duffer of St George Yogi shoes, in chocolate and tan. Kind of a hybrid of Clarks D Trek and Padmore wallabees on a massive chunky sole, ugly cool.
These were originally launched in 1999.


  1. Nice selection there, particularly the F-Troupe boots, I didn't know that brand was still going!
    Madras shorts are great for brightening up a winter's day under a heavy knit, I reckon.


  2. Glad I'm not the only one with a taste for Melka knits.
    Garb CPW shirt is a great purchase. Big fan of the RL madras shirts too.

    You've had a good month!