20 January 2010

Old's Cool.

Another glance at retrospective casual days of yore, coming via Brighton's West St Firm in various dates from the 80's. Shopping on the continent, England abroad, passing old German stereotypes in the street, red strides in Cambridge, Head bag hols.


  1. Those Head bags bring it all flooding back! I think there was a point when every kid in my school had one.
    As for Ellesse and Lacoste, you were really someone if you had any of that.
    Never did get on the Union Jack shorts thing though.


  2. The mac and red strides is a great look. Hmmm considers going to TK Maxx to pick up a pair of cords off the "Clearance" rail but realises as I'm now over fifty and it might not be a good idea...

  3. very cool pictures, good to see there was a time when Ellesse was a high-class brand.