20 January 2010

Old's Cool.

Another glance at retrospective casual days of yore, coming via Brighton's West St Firm in various dates from the 80's. Shopping on the continent, England abroad, passing old German stereotypes in the street, red strides in Cambridge, Head bag hols.


  1. Those Head bags bring it all flooding back! I think there was a point when every kid in my school had one.
    As for Ellesse and Lacoste, you were really someone if you had any of that.
    Never did get on the Union Jack shorts thing though.


  2. The mac and red strides is a great look. Hmmm considers going to TK Maxx to pick up a pair of cords off the "Clearance" rail but realises as I'm now over fifty and it might not be a good idea...

  3. very cool pictures, good to see there was a time when Ellesse was a high-class brand.

  4. Used to go in the East Stand at the Goldstone with loads of the West Street Boys who’s names I shall not say on here ha ha !!
    Fun and games at most matches especially with Leeds Service Crew, Birmingham City Zulu Warriors, West ICF was a big one 1982.
    You got to know everyone you stood around with in the stands,and when you spot strangers in there
    the alarm bells ringing straight away.
    Anyway there were these two blokes we had never seen before, and word soon spread around the terrace.
    About 2.55pm one bloke came approached me ( I was 14/15 at the time, but I could look after myself ok ) and said you got the time son ?
    He had a watch on !!!! so my mate said you’ve got a fucking watch on mate !!
    All of a sudden the one that spoke to me shoted out “ right boys time to kick off “ and this bloke smashed me right in the eye !
    I wobbled back but I didn’t go down, then all hell broke loose they had about another ten of them standing at the top.
    I laid into this bloke like punching was going out of fashion and eventually got him on the floor.
    The old Bill piled in swinging their truncheons about, we all got nicked and slung in “ the black Mariahs “ ha ha .
    I was sat opposite this bloke in the van and he said how old are you fella ?
    I said 14 why ?” F***ing hell he said 14 ??
    You got some balls mate, sorry son ! “
    turns out he was 32 ๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†
    All the West Ham lads in their were shaking my hand. After we were all thrown out of the nick that night with nothing more than a dig and slap from the Coppers in there.
    One of the West Ham boys produced a camera and took a picture of us all together outside Brighton nick, black eyes and cuts everywhere.
    We then went on to pubs and a club and these guys paid for my beer all night.
    I swapped numbers with the guy who punched me that day Martin Willsforth who lived in Hackney and I remained friends with Martin all these years.
    I changed my ways obviously and became a Nurse.
    I went to Uni in East London and lived in Stratford and regularly visited Martin and his wife and kids.
    I’m godfather to Martins first born his daughter Katy, he said “ I knew you were a decent man “ and I trust her life with you “
    Martin sadly died two years ago of cancer he was 66 years old.
    It just shows how much your life can change or the path can change in an instant.
    Would I change anything from my hoolly days ?
    Absolutely not, do I regret any of it ?
    Not at all. Fun days in Brighton I’m still a season ticket holder but I’m to old and fat and sensible to do anything like that anymore, and I would not recommend it to any youngsters either.
    Hope you enjoyed my little story lads and lasses.
    Phat Baz xx