16 January 2010

Berghaus Tornado.

Another addition to the 'drobe, and yes it's to do with foul weather and mountaineering. I'm a fan of the old Berghaus goretex jackets and this is probably the tenth one I've had now, they released a hand picked selection of old jackets for the recent Heritage collection. But to me you can't beat the originals. This model is the Tornado, and in colours I've never seen before. Two colours that really sit well alongside one another, mid grey and vibrant yellow.
These date from the mid to late eighties I believe, and after a good spin this one's in great condition. Although the previous owner seems to have worn it out on the hills for some daft reason, it was pretty mucky - that was a stab at sarcasm by the way.
I'd say Berghaus jackets are an acquired taste, and there's plenty who won't see the fuss, to me they look good and they're proper functional. I'm easily pleased, the originals are made in Great Britain too, I'd guess the reproduced one's are not.


  1. do you find that the old gore-tex retains its waterproofing qualities over time?

  2. You're going to get wet in a proper full on storm, but I've worn these in the pissing rain and I'm always dry underneath.