13 January 2010

A Continuous Lean.

A quick glance to the left of the screen to my blogroll reveals a real mix of ace blogs and sites for your perusal, one which probably needs little introduction is A Continuous Lean.
One of the first blogs I put in my favourites a while back, this is a fine site from across the pond blogging American things, good looking things, well designed things and all sorts of other things. Well, I'm more than pleased to say that as of now Oneupmanship features as the top post on there.
Featuring my flickr page and some of the admittedly too many jackets I own. I did wonder why my inbox was suddenly full of new contacts on flickr.
I'm not a collector, all the stuff I have is to be worn, had I not sold as many as I've bought then there'd be far too many to mention. I think I need a pro account on there just to add all my hats next.


  1. Hi
    Just came here from ACL as a fellow jacket obsessive. I'm happy to know I'm not alone.

    Nice blog.


  2. Good show, old boy

    Glenn K


  3. hi. set a link to your blog. amazing.