30 September 2009

I love the smell of Goretex in the morning

I recently picked up this vintage anorak by Recreational Equipment Inc, to me this piece is pretty much comparable to the likes of Berghaus or other old school UK hiking gear from the same era. One thing that really struck me was the logo on the sleeve, it's really familiar, I'm pretty certain something bearing this logo can be spotted somewhere in 80s cinema.
I can't think what though, it'll probably be something like Ernest Goes to Camp as opposed to something pretty cool. The lovely Erin (that's a woman's name, innit?) from REI couldn't name a film, but could tell me it's the Goretex Stormfront parka circa 1985. Most production companies did acquire their products in the 80s though, so who knows. If you are a Yankee based browser and have as daft a recollection for geeky cinematic details as myself then stick a comment up.

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  1. REI has some great finds from time to time. Nice one here!