15 September 2009

Griff Rhys Jones Interview, Proper Magazine.

First of all, how are you Griff?

I'm very well thank you for asking.

We've approached you because we've noticed for some time now you share similar sartorial tastes to us, not only have we spied you in numerous reputable clothes shops up and down the country but we've also seen you sporting some fine Italian garments on screen.
It's clear you haven't just had these items hastily handed to you by a stylist, so when did you first become aware of Stone Island and C.P. Company Clothing?

I'm afraid I do have a lot of stuff from C.P. when I'm going on my travels in the wet and cold, I tend to find that the stuff they have is a bit better than others, but not necessarily as waterproof as the stuff you can buy in a mountain shop.

Do you have a large collection? what are your favourite pieces?

I very much like a simple brown mackintosh which I have and am greatly enamoured with. I used to wear a lot, a stone coloured rather rustle-y anorak with a hood, and for some reason it used to annoy Rory McGrath. Not quite sure why. I think it might have been a little too cool, and he likes to look like a builders mate. Another thing I do like is a flat fronted sweatshirt thing made of sweatshirt material with a panel at the front, which I wear a lot, which I think is flattering as the panel smooths over the man boobs.

Are we the first people to pick up on this or have you had other people writing in asking why you're at the top of Notre Dame cathedral with goggles in your hood?

People are fascinated not so much by the goggles on the hood but by the window on the side of the sleeve and I've had a lot of questions about that and I've had to explain that I assume it's so you can look at your watch.

I wish the goggle was slightly smaller to be honest as it's a bit too prominent on some of the things I wear.

Are there any other brands/style of clothing you're a big fan of? What do you look for in a garment?

I buy quite a lot from Margaret Howell which is slightly down the other end of the market, but she is still a rather expensive male fashion designer, with a sort of retro look. Nobody has ever assumed that I have any fashion taste at all, in fact I get letters complaining about how scruffy I look on TV.

You've recently done some programmes about cities, where are your favourite places to pick up clothes?

Probably New york, but London is very well equiped. I went to Milan once and went to the sales there. If I had all my time to do nothing but behave like a playboy I would go to Milan to the sales and buy clothes there. Milan is rather extraordinary, but unfortunately I haven't managed to persuade them to do Milan as one of the greatest cities.

To read this interview in full, you'll have to buy Proper Issue 7.

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