12 September 2009

The Guide on The Firm

I thought this was a very interesting read, Guardian scribe John Patterson questions the new re-make of The Firm, I must admit I was very sceptical when this film surfaced, say what you like about
the original, but the combination of Alan Clarke and Gary Oldman was always a winning team.
Granted, the violence and style of that film was lacking somewhat, but it raised questions and commented on the nature of a hooligan, as cool as Bex Bissell was - outside looking in he was kind of pathetic really, wasn't he?
To the new one, I wonder if the hazy nostalgia of Fila and Ellesse, break dancing and bare knuckle Tom foolery will dilute the very point of the film. Either way, the jury's out on this one, I kind of know what to expect but I'm sort of looking forward to giving it a watch now.

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