2 October 2009

Little White Lies

I consider myself a bit of a film buff, boffin whatever you want to call it.
Not necessarily the big films, in fact certainly not, I'd rather see Dave Lee Travis play Macbeth than sit through the latest CGI wankathon, or unfunny overhyped Comedy. I love the arty American stuff from the likes of Anderson's Wes and Paul (Thomas), to the indie end from Jim Jarmusch, Larry Clark and Harmony Korine to name but a few.
I'm also a big fan of British cinema, especially the low budget independent stuff, Ken Loach, Mike Leigh and Shane Meadows get the thumbs up in this house, and I recently watched the more than gritty
Fish Tank on the big screen which was great.
Anyways, keepin' it indie I like
Little White Lies, it's the best film mag out there by far, and fills the void left by Hotdog, a great magazine which is well written, fair in the reviews and of course stylish to look at, not to mention small enough to stuff in the man bag. Some of us want more than the generic commercial pap from Smiths.

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