3 May 2012

Recent Pickups.

It's that time again, not done one of these for a while, it's an eclectic bunch of stuff this time too. We'll start with this Barbour Tokito Oates jacket, this kind of stuff is usually a bit impossible for me, Japanese, tiny and overly expensive. But this Oates herringbone tweed and Ventile combo (which was a touch) is perfick for an expedition to the shops. A slight tinker here and there and it might just be that tweed jacket I've always wanted.

A nice heavy checked shirt from Supreme, nah, some trendy c*nt hasn't hacked my log in, I'm just in that kind of mood at the minute. Just what I was after as I'm a bit short on checked shirtage, pph.

Nice slightly alternative pocket polo also from Supreme, made in Canada for all you Canada fans out there. Dunno why I'm buying polos and stuff we've still got the heating on here.

I like these Benetton ones too, nothing groundbreaking but alright for the dosh, I got it from the Tauentzienstr on Berlin's shopping drag, or at least that's what it says on the receipt. For a high street type of brand it remains pretty exclusive does Benny.

Couple of tasteful prints I brought back from Berlin, did I mention I'd recently been there? it's by an artist called Tim Roeloffs and was from some trendy Afflecks type shop where I was also offered hard drugs outside. Cool eh?

I also got a few badges, I'm not strictly that way inclined but I quite like all the commie stuff. I bought a few pin badges from market stalls, the last one is something from the 60's, I'm not exactly sure what (TV network or something) but it's cool and mysterious innit?

The other Olly Polly wally's, I was keen as Dijon for these. See what I did there?

Nah, you've not clicked onto 2002 by mistake, I've bought a couple of classic casual labels. The more I drift away from football the more labels I originally swerved because of it, seem to appeal again. The Stone Island's a nice rugged Marina jacket from the early 90's. Classic Osti traits: big rounded collar and oversized buttons green edged patch. I'm thinking of whacking some Dylon on this, so watch this space. As summer's supposedly gonna hit us, a nice CP Company paperweight blouson will no doubt come in handy soon.

Fancied a bit of polka dot action so nabbed this Velour one in the sales, all the others were dead dear.

I like Hawaiian shirts, or shirts so bad they are good, just a little hint of it mind. This is a Reyn Spooner baseball shirt. 'cos I fucking love baseball. My fave team are the New York Raiders, LOLz!!1. I like the half placket and button down collar, if it only had long sleeves it'd be better.

Finally, sticking with the baseball theme an Ebbets Field Flannels 'CC' cap, got this for obvious reasons. It stands for Chevy Chase. It doesn't really, it's the 'Cordoba Cafeteros 1957' but you already know that, right?
I also bought a girls bike and some Star Wars figures. Wanna see them aswell?


  1. I was looking at them To Ki Oates jackets the other day in their factory shop in Shields, they were going for the bargain price of 49 quid. The fit just wasn't right for me :(

  2. Aye, that's the one.
    I need to get the sleeves taken in a touch, looks like Josh Baskin in Big when he turns back into a boy.
    But spending £20 to tweak a £500 coat that cost a fraction of that is no big deal.

  3. what does your bike look like?

  4. where on earth did you find that baseball shirt?

  5. My old man bought me a girls bike when I was a nipper, the memories of all the piss taking have left a huge scar !

  6. Judging by your purchases, you must have taken those hard drugs that were offered.

  7. I buy and wear what I like.