22 May 2012

R Newbold.

Another recent coat I got hold of ('cos I really needed another wax jacket) was this R Newbold one from around six years ago. As I type it's fucking boiling, summer is a bummer and all that kerfuffle, it wasn't the last few weeks I've been wearing this though. As good as brand new, loads of little details, really nice quality.
If I remember rightly this Oi Polloi collab collection consisted of taking some of the cooler bits R Newbold normally sold exclusively in Japan and bringing them back for the UK market in more friendly sizes. There was some great bits, proper gents tackle, like cardigans, cords and checked shirts.


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  2. Yup, nice jacket, I've got it in navy, getting worn and shiney now as all good waxed coats should be .

  3. very nice, you do see quite a few bits on ebay.