29 March 2012

Taschen : Breasts and Butts.

How about some nice appreciation of the female form as we approach the weekend on this fine sunny day?
Just received two of the best books I've ever seen. I had to get 'em.
Taschen's The Big Book of Breasts, Dian Hanson (Taschen's sexy book editor) explores the origins of mammary madness through three decades of natural big-breasted nudes. A massive coffee table book so big it could probably break it. Nearly four hundred pages of tantalising titties from post war to the modern day, in a world dominated by silicon implants this book shows us that natural is still the best.

Breasts or Bums? why not have both?
Following nicely on is Taschen's The Big Butt Book. The Kama Sutra gives detailed instructions on how to spank it. Contemporary Italians touch it for luck before placing a bet. Americans are having it cosmetically enhanced at rates approaching breast enlargement surgery. The female butt, tush, ass, or derrière or fanny as they call them in America has always inspired awe, fantasy, and slavish devotion. Here is another massive hardback book going into way too much detail on arguably the females finest asset. Featuring over four hundred photos from as far back as 1900 to as recently as Ice T's voluptuous missus Coco. Both books by Dian Hanson available from TASCHEN.

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  1. They look good. I recently bought a Taschen book called "Do It Yourself" full of unrestrained female anatomy. Hot as fuck French chicks in the nack cannot be beat.