8 March 2012

Getting Shirty.

6876 x Rohan Borve shirt in 'Oxfordtech', great collab this. Best selling point for me was that whole outdoors thing, you can just chuck it on without ironing. I'm going to go camping, in the back garden and hang it on the tree overnight.

Folk archive check shirt with raglan sleeve detail, that style's a nice fit. Got this in the sale from Shed in Ashton using the 15% off code casualclobber. It's been recently released again for this season and a pretty penny at that. I know it's a bit Nelson Mandela/Colin Hunt, but people say that like it's a bad thing!

Vintage Lee button down shirt in cotton Oxford cloth, with nice 'selvedge' line pin stripe throughout.

Vintage Arrow Sportsman shirt, love a nice Oxford button down, especially when it's got a rogue Mallard flying straight out the top pocket, cool as fuckery.

Hand woven Madras shirt by Norman shirtmakers in India, this came from Jonesboro, GA. It even had some sweets attached to it. Bang on fit too. Thanks 'Susan and Shirley', best eleven quid shirt I've ever bought I reckon.


  1. some top quality shirt action, can't fault them and i wouldn't mind every one. where do you tend to source your vintage from?

    also, tell me more about the indian shirt maker. can i get my hands on one?

  2. More often than not it's eBay Mat, Madras is another vintage jobby, not sure if they're even still going.