16 March 2012

Continental Divide.

I'd never heard of this until recently, I've never seen anyone mention Belushi's steez anywhere either. When he wasn't singing the Blues or being a zit, John Belushi was in other slightly more serious, less familiar roles like this one.
Continental Divide (1981) an under the radar rom-com and sadly, Belushi's penultimate film. In it he plays Chicago reporter Ernie Souchak - ( loosely based on Chicago Sun-Times reporter Michael "Mike" Roykoa apparently ) a city boy who after causing a stink and bringing untold heat on both himself and his paper with continuous articles on a corrupt city councilman is sent off for a couple of weeks on a job to report on a reclusive bird watcher (Blair Brown) out in the Rockies. He slowly finds his feet as his guide abandons him in the wilderness with his subject for a fortnight. He also falls in love with his subject, opposites attract and all that!
What struck me was his character's wardrobe, it's cooler than the Dude's Caucasian. Anyway, sack it, my word's are fairly useless here. Check out the pics...

This one features loads of classic outdoor gear, from two tone coats to massive framed backpacks, tartan flannel shirts and nice hiking boots. You should have gathered by now that we (me) here at the good ship err...Oneupmanship love this kind of shit. Classic garms of which we're still seeing influence every collection today.

With location shoots in the likes of Michigan, Colorado, Glacier National Park in Montana and camping out with Mount Rainier in the backdrop, it's got that lasting appeal to me as all those charming pioneering outdoor brands which hailed from similar places, places I'd probably never see in real life.

Back in the city, it's all tweed jackets, Chambray and Oxford button downs, a 60/40 mountain parka with slacks teamed with some Nike runners...

You know a film's cool when it leaves you scouring eBay in the earlier hours for more parkas, tartan shirts, tweed jackets and shit, and yeah, that includes daft fucking hats too, mental I am. It also had 'Meat' from Porky's in it too, bonus. All in all a cool film, find it, watch it...wear a parka with a tie. I might.

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  1. I'd never heard of this either until now...cheers for sharing this fella, will be sure to give this a watch. Some great garments on show there...