7 February 2011

Recent Pick-ups.

Verginia shoes, I love these, like a pimped up Clarks desert boot, in shoe form.

Heritage Research USN Watch shirt, I had to look fairly hard for this, so it was nice to find it half price, a great 50's replica heavyweight overshirt, a good all year rounder.

Carhartt Roper pant, a buckleback trouser in selvedge duck canvas, smart.

Garbstore Motor sweatshirt in a super rusty orange.

Converse Clean CVO, they'll be dirty when I've finished with 'em, sat ontop of another pair of those great UQ olive chinos.

Walz dark grey flannel cycling cap, it's a bit like what they wear on the Deathstar, which I think combined with an old racing bike will work well, no?

A few cool bits from Japanese/London jeansters Allevol.

YMC Chore shirt with nice curved collar and cool pocket detail.
6876 pinstripe shirt, always got time and space for more new (old) 6876 shirts.

Vintage New Man pinstripe shirt with nice hidden button down detail, picked up for a fiver.


  1. Love the Virginia Desert Boots.

    Visit my blog if you'd like


  2. Where'd you get the Roper pants man? Great snags all around.

  3. @Benedetta, Thanks, I will do. Ciao!

    @Nicolas here: http://www.theoriginalstore.co.uk/314-carhartt-roper-pants-heritage-collection.html

  4. I scored a pair of the Verginia Weaver boots at Crimbo , very nice quality but I swear they killed me for a fortnight,the Clarks version have always been like slippers from new.

    The Carhartt pants look like the ones my man Carl sells at The Original Store, YMC did a selvage chino in almost identical colours this last year.

  5. They are the very ones.
    Had them around a month now, just not got round to telling the world about them ;o)

  6. how do you like the fit on the carhartts?

  7. recession? what recession?
    I'll be lucky if I can afford Uniqlo stuff soon

  8. I'm anything but flash pal, can make what's in my Paypal account stretch a very long way though.

    @corkgrips, pretty generous fit, slightly tapered, nothing too fancy though.

  9. That 6876 shirt is where it's at! Long sleeve, that? And the Garbstore sweatshirt. I've been really into the classic crewneck recently!

    I've been at it again over on mine. First post in forever! Check it out if you have a second.


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