21 February 2011

'Beat a Storm'.

Well, it's a bit late now, I say late, but The Casual Connoisseur's Beat a Storm cagoule only went on sale just yesterday afternoon and all but sold out within the first hour. This is one I had a hand in, a fairly simple concept, the old school rain coat, a re-interpretation of one of my old favourites, old faithful, there's always a time I'll come back to old Peter be it over a polo in summer or over loads of layers in winter, always an essential item for me, such simple, classic style.
Done for many years by many brands, from the high end to the low end, we did it as it was, an exact re-telling with slightly enhanced technical details, more waterproof, less sweaty.
The Casual Connoisseur are doing things properly, the right way, they know who they are, they know where they are, they don't try and compete with those they cannot compete with, they just do their own thing. This is yet another a good example of that, selling out astonishingly quickly, just like the winter Weir hats, no need for churning out long winded spiel and hype, just a good product, competitively priced. Sold across Europe and all over the world, sought after, that does all the talking for them. ~

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