1 February 2011


Yeah I know, the old four pocket parkas could be considered a little tired now, or played out as our American friends might say, and yours truly needs one like he needs a hole in his willy, but a classic is a classic. I like them, and was wearing them before these trends which come and go, and no doubt will be after. There's lots of bland and boring ones out there, lots of rehashed expensive ones too, but sometimes tired or played out is what I like, if and when it comes in it's original form, especially when it looks like this.
Alpine Designs (Alp sport) originally based and created in Boulder, Colorado - at the foot of the Rockies, one of the original pioneer brands of American outdoor wear in the 60's, another short-lived brand which produced sleeping bags and tents of superior quality. Yellow is always a fave of mine and this, which is older than me and still looks great, and despite gaining a bit of extra padding from the last month, comes in a size small and yet fits like a glove.


  1. I love the color. Based on the label and the pockets, this particular jacket would have been made toward the end of Alpine Design's run. I think the company was done by the end of the 1970's. During the final year they mostly made downhill ski clothing.

  2. I just bought a tan parka from Alpine Designs on ebay. Extra heavy quality! A little bigger cut than my sierra designs jacket, but now I can wear a jacket underneath. Just experimenting with waterproofing my parkas. The only problem that I have with all the old ones is, that the arms are a bit short.