15 November 2010


Another vintage green parka? I know, but I thought this one had a little more too it than the usual obligatory four pocket 60/40's and anyway whilst it's like this outside (looks out the window to yet more pissy rain) I'm none to fussed - it's tried and tested and I like it.
This is from Holubar, another now defunct old school US brand who were based in Boulder, Colorado and were very much the pioneers of mountain wear way back in the day as they say, most notably the first to apply Vibram soles to boots and early creators of sleeping bags and down insulated clothing. They also made a line of old sew-it-yourself kits too, full pieces of outerwear which you had to assemble yourself. Personally, I think old gear like this was built to stand the test of time, if you ask me it looks as good now as it probably did when it was new. Holubar was pretty much gone by the time 1980 had come around so it's a nice archive 'piece', did I just call a jacket a piece? I did, I'm sorry. I won't do that again.

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