25 June 2010

Getting shirty.

I seem to have bought a few very nice shirts recently, can't afford to go out and wear them now though, first up, I think I got rather lucky with this one as it was price marked considerably cheaper than it should have been, but those Oki-ni folks honoured it anyway (corrected now though) an Arn Mercantile gingham shirt, absolutely lovely quality shirt made from the finest Zimbabwean and Egyptian cotton, that can't be bad eh? next up a Universal Works patchwork check shirt, and pretty much the same shirt in a chambray indigo. Finally a tremendous Stansfield work shirt (which is from a previous season) via Daniel Jenkins who sends things out double quick too, and sublimely packaged. Dominic Stansfield does shirts very well, very sharp with ace little details hopefully there's a new collection on the horizon.


  1. Jealousy is the only word that springs to mind

  2. Don't be jealous Neil, I've sold three jackets and not been out for a month. I'm no flash Harry.