14 June 2010

Bag of the day.

Recently picked up this vintage Back Pack / Day Pack via the US of A, made by Alpine an old outdoor brand based in Sacramento, sunny California, which may now be defunct by the looks of things. Coming in a vivid blue nylon with an ace old school logo, this old rucksack has probably seen plenty of action and is still in great nick. I like the details on this, it's quite small but very roomy, with a large deep front pocket for loose bits and a nice hidden flat pocket on the top closing flap for your Proper magazine and passports n' shit. This has a duffle bag style main compartment to it which ties up and locks with a B-LOK® a clever substitute for tying knots and the pain in the arse of undoing them, these are still staunchly produced by this brand in the US today and are geared at being 'great for seniors, arthritics or the knot-challenged'.


  1. 喘口氣,看個文章,謝謝您的格子囉~~..................................................

  2. That's a cracking back pack you've got there chap.