19 November 2012

Warp Films 10.

Just had a super smashing weekend in the Steel city, centered around Warp Films 10th anniversary bash at Magna Science Centre in Sheffield, or just outside it near Rotherham. The cult film Dead Man's Shoes was screened with a live score. This was a really good way to watch a film, standing up, supping special edition Warp beer aswell, from the always tip top (real ale twat) Thornbridge. There must have been a thousand in there easy, amongst them several famous faces, most of which I managed to pester and have a photo taken with in my drunken state.
The highlight of the night was bumping into Shane Meadows himself en route from a quick slash, he was only wearing one of our own shirts! Plus was happy to endorse a forthcoming CC tee aswell, top man. Amongst others I met most of the Dead Man's Shoes cast, some lovely girls from This is England, Andrew Wetherall, Kayvan Novak and 'Chesney' from Coronation Street who were all sound despite getting mithered to fuck all night, and staying in our hotel by the looks of things.
My slight hangover was seen off with a breakie and a few hair of the dogs at the old fave Kelham Island and it's boozers.

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