17 November 2012

Black Lodge & Overlook hats.

The joy of seeing one of your own scribbles turned into a proper manufactured garment never ceases to amaze me. It's the fifth year we've done the bobble hat, a love-hate thing for many I know, when we first did it they were certainly not as trendy as they are today. It was certainly a bit of a gamble, now even their most vociferous critics are sporting them! It was late night/very early morning scouring for vintage goods on US eBay that led me to spot old American Ski hats from various sportswear brands and hiking labels, and we thought we'd have a bash ourselves. Then in turn I found myself watching old episodes of Weir's Way on youtube for some bobble hat action. Five years on as colour schemes become harder to pick you put even more imagination into it.
First up Twin Peaks has been referenced already, but so what? it's cool, it's crazy, it's a genuine classic. Doing the 'red room' or nightmarish extra-dimensional 'Black Lodge' seemed a cool idea (and a first too, as far as I can see) for a project like this. It looks fucking cool eh?
When I suggested doing that carpet from The Shining I wasn't taking the piss, a couple of months later and it arrived in the post, I was delighted, I've no real idea how it would be perceived or look when worn but it's one of the best things I've ever done.
Watching the film again on the big screen recently just confirmed this. 'The Overlook' hat was born. It's not really about bigging up my own stuff, but if you like 'em too then it's all good. These and several others, all made in England are out shortly via Connoisseur.


  1. these really turned out amazing mate, great work as usual.


  2. Amazing -wish the lucky people who got them would wear them rather tham eBay them but what can you do. Looking forward to see what you come up with next!