15 October 2012

Mission Workshop.

The Sanction from Mission Workshop based over in sunny San Francisco, is a compact weatherproof rucksack designed to hold the daily essentials. Built to last a lifetime with waterproof fabrics and military spec. construction, top premium quality. Basically, it's the Terminator of all baggage!
Featuring weatherproof compartments, urethane coated zippers, waterproof materials, and secure spaces for all of todays gadgets like the MacBook, iPad etc, not to mention enough space for those (two or three) outfits you want to cram in for your next weekend away.
Made in the USA with a lifetime warranty, it feels bulletproof and looks class. I especially like the clever and ever so slight headf*ck of a logo too, great stuff. 
Certainly one to keep an eye on, with a range of serious Arkiv® field bags and some nice ultra technical clothing. Mission Workshop.


  1. Been wanting to get one of these for ages,but the shipping/import tax ect... has put me off...

  2. Hey, very cool pack, but what colour is that ? grey or charcoal?