18 October 2012


Perhaps? I recently copped for this vintage sailing jacket, real preps at sea vibes.
Dating from the 70's it's pretty cool, reversible too. One side is like a hooded coaches jacket in cream, the reverse a bright orange anorak with scoop button-down collar, throat tab, two bellow pockets and a sideways pocket I've seen used a few times with newer labels such as Woolrich Woolen Mills. I had assumed this was for mobile phones, but obviously not. Perhaps it was for sunglasses? or maybe flares/hotdogs? I love the wooden toggles too.
Sadly, as it's a two way coat, the only label is in the pocket and someone has torn it out to within about half an inch, so I can't quite make out who made this, whilst it's not important I'd love to know. Interestingly enough, I noticed it's exactly the same jacket as the Mighty-Mac one pictured above. A nautical label which became kaput by the 1980's but has since been resurrected via Japan, I'd be surprised if this isn't an original.


  1. that's a great find. where do you manage to find this sort of stuff?

  2. This one came from Lincoln, Nebraska. You don't even want to know how much it cost...

  3. Hey man, did you ever find out who made this? Missed out on one exactly the same but green/cream last week, So nice :( If you ever wanna sell... :)