4 July 2012

Waste Twice.

Another day another jacket. Recently copped for this Waste Twice Good Hunting HL parka to give it's full name. Waste Twice is a fairly young Japanese brand (made by trendy binmen) based in Shibuya making proper classic stuff, just the way I like it.
This takes it's name from the 1997 Matt Damon film, it doesn't really. Both a smock and a parka and it's a little cape-like too, you could argue they've wasted twice as much ripstop fabric on it, for fuck's sake. Sorry.
Big fitting, but it's still pretty smart, real hippy drifter vibes. Despite being part of S/S offering it's defo a good 'un for winter if you ask me, all layered up and ready to roam, loads of pockets for all your shit, including four just for your favourite biros, and one as big as the whole coat on the back, great for an expedition to deepest darkest Lancashire.


  1. This coat is mint. I'd love to take it off your hands. Do you sell any of the stuff you post on here?