9 July 2012

Scott's Last Expedition.

Originally posted in March but was told to hang fire. Now I've always been a sucker for the outdoors and one phrase which I make no apologies for vastly overusing on here is old school, but the true old school outdoorsmen will always be proper icons for me, the likes of Captain Scott and Edmund Hillary were pioneers in many ways, not just conquering the unconquerable but also doing this in classic garments built to last, garments which still inspire many new collections of menswear to this day. This looks very nice, the Cabourn brand combined forces with innovative British printers Potts to create this iconic look book, collaborating on a Captain Scott themed to showcase his A/W 2012 collection.
The 100th Anniversary of Captain Scott’s Antarctic Expedition fell on 17th January this year. Nigel’s collection, as shown in the hand-finished limited edition publication, emerged as a result of the designer’s fascination with this historic event. The book, entitled Limited Edition 2: Scott’s Last Expedition 1912 - 2012, will be presented as a gift to those who purchase the Captain R.F. Scott Naval Jacket, and was also sent to special guests of the launch shows in January. The edition is limited to 2000 copies

The collaboration with Potts Print involved creating a concept for a highly collectable publication that would act as a catalogue for Nigel’s collection as well as communicate the history, ambience and of course the clothing of the expedition party.
It was decided to base the book on the original Scott’s Last Expedition journal, which documents the progression to the pole and the people who undertook the journey. Archive photographs are shown alongside the new collection, showing the early 20th century clothing that Nigel’s designs were based on.
The process involved merging new graphic design with the layout of the first edition of the book, and using innovative finishing techniques to give the resulting object an aged quality. The dust jacket was actually spun in the tumble dryer of one of the Executive Directors after printing, which resulted in a torn and crumpled antique aesthetic.

Previous publications include Limited Edition 1: The Ascent of Cabourn, based on Sir Edmund Hillary’s achievement of being the first man to climb to the top of Mount Everest, and Burma, which is influenced by the memories of Nigel’s father as a Royal Signalman with the British Army in India, in the 1940’s.

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