16 April 2012

Three days in Berlin.

Just had a great little trip to Berlin, stayed in the trendy Kreuzberg borough and took in a lot of touristy stuff. Fascinating place, unbelievable history. Made some new friends, Dynamo fans from the former East. Drank in one of the coolest bars in Europe Die Tagung. Crammed a lot in, drank a lot of pils, schnaps, vodka and met some cool beardy old friends...


  1. so where did you stay? we've been wanting to go but never really been recommended anywhere to stay that's decent but not too pricey

  2. Its just got everything, Berlin hasn't it?!

    7 visits for me and yet still I feel like Ive barely scratched the surface. Fantastic places to look around and learn about during the day and then when night comes it takes on a whole different life. Atmosphere feels like nowhere else in Europe after dark.

    Great photos, brought back a lot of memories.

    Marc, Manchester.

  3. Does Tacheles still stink of piss?

  4. BEing dense, don't know how to email you. So I'm hijacking this comment to say: have you seen this: http://www.liverpoolcatholicramblers.com/imagearchive3.htm Feel like I've seen some of these shots here before, but thought you might like it if I'm wrong and it's just a natural association of ideas...

  5. Great them, defo nicking them, nice one!