25 April 2012


It's a great feeling when a little scribble I did ends up turning into hard goods. These new 'lad' inspired badges I did based around the old enamel Peter Storm badge are just that. After last year's Acid Ramblers (bottom) ones it was time for some more. Whether you'd stick 'em on your coat or just collect them they are pretty cool eh? I'm chuffed how they've come out. Deliberately Limited to 100 of a double set and released on Friday. Acid Casuals. Connoisseur.


  1. Great stuff. I used to draw pictures of skinheads/suedeheads during quiet times at school (late 60s). I drew quite a lot and put them together in a "firm" of sorts. Sadly got lost (Mum threw 'em out - bad associations)! But always like the idea of little models representing the various styles of the culture. Something like the Homies figures from the States. Don't know if you've seen them (even considered them). Just need to find a manufacturer (probably Chinese).

  2. Tidy them, I need to get up earlier !

  3. very cool, i feel the same way when i finally get a photo into print.