24 February 2012


Continuing nicely from Monday, this is currently this year's winter jacket for me, one of my best finds. More often than not it's usually better to seek out the originals, I wanted a snorkel parka but not some indie-kid one from a vintage shop, what's the difference you say? not a lot really, it's only slight and fickle but it matters in this case.
The navy nylon outer with familiar hand warmer pockets placed in exactly the right spot for that hands in your pockets pose, the pocket on the sleeve for pens/bullets are present. The cool orange lining is actually red, a bit different, the hood is real fur - great for authenticity but not really for this conscious tree hugger who's not into all that kerfuffle at all, but what can I do? my Jack-Chi keeps trying to shag it too.
This is arguably the best of it's kind, certainly the coolest I've seen. The Woolrich Kodiak parka, it's older than me and pretty much as good as new. I love the fact it came from the other side of the globe, I've no idea what journeys it's been on before it ended up here (sounds like something you'd read on a blog that doesn't it?) or who 'Ron Scott' is or what he was like? a fucking dude I'm sure. This takes me back to childhood and beyond, it's cool as fuck and if you don't like it you're just jealous!