6 February 2012


Mitchell camouflague parka in reversible heavyweight cotton sateen. I'm far from an expert on military wear but the odd bit of camo often jumps right out at me, geddit? I thought this one was fucking mint.
I really like the Mitchell pattern, as camo's going all in vogue again this style is less mainstream. The double side of 'green leaves' and 'brown clouds' were developed during the Korean war in the 50's for shelters and helmet covers and was used for the USMC in Vietnam.
Once I've repaired a little nick on the hood it's good to go, it's got a nice fade over time too, I'm going to wear it under a bright parka on my next assignment to the paper shop.


  1. I like the look of camo..bit Michael Ryan to wear though... esp with a beard and a bobble hat

  2. Ha Ha!
    Disagree though, loads of top end brands (and crap ones) are doing it now, always cooler to seek out the originals IMO.

  3. Mate, how come the last picture is just of two trees?

  4. like the cloud style, not seen many like this one.