8 December 2011

Recent Pickups.

Not done this for a while, few bits over the last couple of months, starting with this mega Topo Designs mini mountain bag, it's the bestest bag I've seen in ages. I'm a bit of a fanny for bags or 'man bags' as some might say and this is just right for all my bits, not too clunky and loads of pockets all over the show. Makes me wish I was back at college.Duck camo anall, bang on trend blah blah, via my good mate the Urban Hunter.

Native Craftworks Dalesman shoe, fancied these for ages but never got around to it, they take me back to some old school seventies trail along a river, in a green cagoule and caramel cords eating cucumber sandwiches in a slight downpour with the smell of cowshit over in the distance or something. Classics that's what I'm trying to say.

The coolest/gayest socks I'll buy all year, I only wear socks that Gyles Brandreth and Timmy Mallet would think are too lairy, always have always will, it's just the kind of guy I am.

Clarks Desert Khan brogue, watched the suede versions of these sell out and then wanted them as soon as they did, these really shouldn't work it's like chalk and cheese, ketchup on tomato soup, brogues and crepe soles? never. They do though, especially in the sales.

I nabbed this Folk alpaca moss stich beanie via The Shed Community, it's like two hats cut apart and stuck together, one a mens, one a woman's, lolz. I like it, I'm going to wear it and pretend to be a bellend.

EG's field shirt, another chambray shirt eh? bit different this, I like the oddball pockets and it has the all important tab collar thing.

I've done two pairs of my fave Ed's in recently, both on the knees, each knee aswell, fuckinell what a c*nt, so snapped these up for knocking around in. I like the yellow selvedge I'm going to team them up with a yellow coat and yellow polo shirt and party like a colour co-ordinated casual like it's 1999.

That Cottonopolis deerstalker I've already mentioned before.

Feels like about ten years ago I got this Supreme ventile parka from a couple of years back, but it was October. I might have to punt this on soon if I eat any more Monster Munch (Flamin' Hot) same colour as the coat.

Connoisseur McMurphy hat, I got these made myself with Highland 2000, then named them in honour of Jack Nicholson's finest hour, a mental patient. There was four colours but they've all gone now, I've not had one off my head since I got 'em.

I also got these Harris Tweed scarves made, coincidentally in the Highlands, or at least by a lovely lady up in the Outer Hebrides. I got my own one cut a bit longer and shorter and nabbed the camo looking houndstooth too, I love 'em, people say it itches, it just acts like velcro with my beardy face.

I also remortgaged my bicycle and got some import magazines full of grown men with toddlers expressions in nice unobtainable clothes, I'm dead fucking trendy me.


  1. you've been well busy, boy. i tried those clarks on but wasn't sure if i'm honest. wasn't convinced with the colour. i wanted the sand khan brogues but i take a half size in clarks and they didn't exist on their online store. for some reason loads of stores had them but not clarks, odd

  2. i'd like to know where the harris tweed scarves came from...