30 November 2011


I recently had a sneak peak at the final proof of the forthcoming Dressers book, this is a book which ties in every aspect of the casual scene from Motherwell's Saturday Service point of view. Whilst many clubs have released books about what they did, who they did, how many people they battered, how many bodies they left lying in the street to the point where you've read one you may aswell have read them all, it gets tiresome and repetitive. This one, like just a few of the others, looks different.
Refreshing and unflinching, backed up by a mine of great photos spanning thirty years, cuttings, memories and personal belongings this tells the tales that should be told, the days out, the music, the drugs, the trips and all the gear by the small Scottish club who made a real impact on this much chastised and often understood British working class subculture. Motherwell's 80's mob with their Burberry checks and backperms were one of the original point of reference for me, the dressing up, then the dressing down, not just word of mouth and sozzled recollections, real memories thankfully captured on old cameras, my old squire Kerso with more trainers than God, who seemed to have kept his own personal museum of designer labels too an authority on the scene if ever there was one.
Whether you're an older head who was there, saw it and got the t-shirt, or a young pup in it for the right reasons, carrying on the tradition, not because you saw a couple of films and now think you're Bex Bissell mk II, you'll know what it means or meant to be part of that special thing football brought us. The buzz, the camaraderie, the belonging, the discovery of new things first, or at least in your own mind, taking risks, the thrill, the chase, the highs and the lows, excitement, nervousness and panic, giving chase or giving legs, getting all dolled up to go to places like fucking Doncaster and Hartlepool because on that day that's all that mattered. Only if you've been there will that last statement not sound in any way ridiculous.
Scheduled for a Dec 12 release pre-order it here, there's a cool trailer here, Kerso's clobber. Saturday Service, One Step Beyond.


  1. That's better, Dear stalkers,Benetton rugby tops and Addi Muchcen, did wonder when you would return to the source, rather Japanese retro and US vintage.

  2. Ha Ha, no real 'source' for me, like a bit of everything.

  3. Don't tie yourself down fella, as ever it ain't what you wear but the way you wear it