17 September 2011


Trust me to get into Hawaiian shirts as soon as summer disappears, they are fucking cool though eh? you don't need me to tell you that right? wait, come back...
Worn by heroes and villains alike, the 'Aloha' shirt or Hawaiian to most of us, is a classic garment - featuring anything from flowers, leaves and trees; to people, places and vehicles. Pioneered by textile industrialist Alfred Shaheen who helped bring them to a new American market as their popularity grew massively post World War Two when the rich and famous chose them for summerly leisure and formal wear. Now with a loyal following, originals have become much sought after items fetching a pretty penny.
From the top: Goodfellas' Jimmy and Henry, Clarence Worely in True Romance, Johnny Depp and Benicio Del Toro in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, The Goonies' Chunk, Arnie in the Running Man, Ken Wahl will grow into his in The Wanderers , Bobby De Niro in Cape Fear, Nicolas Cage in Raising Arizona, Matt Dillon in There's Something about Mary, Harry Dean Stanton rocking one in space, Alien. Pulp Fiction's Tim Roth, Dr Jacoby, Twin Peaks. Pacino in Scarface, Elliot Gould in MASHMagnum PI , anything you can wear Popeye Doyle can wear better, Hackman in the French Connection II, John Candy in Summer Rental and Blue Hawaii starring Elvis Presley.
Police Academy 5 and Weird Al Yankovic would have been a bit too much, even for me.


  1. I love these shirts, had loads, not always the best look for a ginger Manc but fuck it. My fave was a CP company linen one with lillies all over it , brilliant but a memebr of GMP thought it would look better in shreds. Been looking for a suitable Reyn Spooner but most are too challanging in their print design, the Japanese stuff is ace if expensive and a little birdie tells me http://www.theoriginalstore.co.uk/ are getting some nice ones in soon.

    What has happened to the pics in Blogger , no blows ups only a picture gallery ?


  2. Bang on trend as usual!! Ha Ha.

    Not sure about the pics, they keep faffing with things by the looks of it mate.

  3. Never loved Hawaiian shirts (bowling shirts - now you're talking) but the potential for design is/was amazing. How about putting pics of your favourite council estates on a 'flowery' shirt! Only joking - maybe not!

  4. Here's Barry Pepper with another one: http://stillstile.com/images/posts/snowwalker/1.jpg

  5. Think there will be plenty about next Summer, we've just booked some designs for the store, available early next year.