16 August 2011

First Look - Pica Post # 2

I was quite content with what I've got at the moment, happy with my lot. Just a new pair of cords and a jumper would probably suffice this year. Then Oi Polloi come along with the second installment of their fancy little Pica Post #2 showcasing loads of lovely forthcoming stock to hit the Thomas St store. As always, for me and I'd imagine many others, Autumn/Winter is the best time of year for clobber, it's all parkas, heavy jumpers, cords and shoes, I love it.
There's plenty to start obsessing about - from another collaboration with Norse Projects to the hotly anticipated in house brand Cottonopolis, which from the early hints I've seen of this it looks good. Once again, this features some super illustrations from Ben Lamb, a review of a buying trip to Japan and an in depth guide to shrinking denim via the Irish sea.


  1. do these cost anything? Do they send them out upon request?

  2. Cool, do you just pick these up in store?

  3. 2p in store.

    Digital version here: http://www.oipolloi.com/Blog/OiPolloi-BlogMain.html?Poster=Oi+Polloi

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