11 July 2011

Recent Pick-ups

Woolrich Woolen Mills' Trail Parka in gold, the parka of the season they all said? maybe so at 60% off, perfect for the current weather and it'll work later in the year too.

Post O'Alls Sweetbear jacket, like a really posh pyjama top, with pockets right where you want them, smart.

Lofgren Railroad shirt in Salt and Pepper with mint details and selvedge, a cool label via the East.
Levis 505's, I needed some jeans which looked like they'd been worn for yonks, maybe it's an indigo backlash? maybe I just fancied some 'Dad' jeans.

A nice Floral/Paisley shirt from Ralph L.

The EG mountain parka from around 2009, I've got this in powder blue, one of my faves, so couldn't resist snapping it up in beige when it saw it going very reasonably.

Some more shades from Sunpocket for the summer and a handy Supreme stash pouch I might dangle off my belt loop and wiggle from time to time.

Garbstore Men Who Did sweat, featuring probably the only tory it's OK to like. Sales eh?


  1. great stuff here, you must get paid well!

  2. Far from it, I sell to buy, buy to sell etc.

  3. Whats the Lofgren like , only ever seen it on Speedway shop on Ebay Japan.