23 July 2011

Getting Shirty.

I'll be going out tomorrow in a shirt I designed myself, that's a pretty cool thing to say eh?
I'm chuffed to say these new premium shirts from the Connoisseur brand are available to buy now, three styles, The Dexys - a classic gingham button check, The Seaton - a nice woven check and the Union - a chambray shirt with loads of fine details. I over saw every aspect on these maintaining they were made the right way from an original sketch on a notepad to how we marketed them with the three cool cats (above) getting their poses just right.
Manufactured in Europe, each shirt is fairly limited, there's lots of influence from a personal archive of shirts I own both old and new from all over the globe gone into these. The fit is pretty contemporary, they are a really nice flattering fit and quality has not been compromised, premium is not just a buzz word for trying to sell them, they are really good schmutter, I'm proud of what we've done, here's to the next step.


  1. that is massive news man, congrats!

  2. Nice one. Theres nothing better when youve been obsessed with clothing for so long than actually doing it. Im balls deep in designing my first collection at the moment, a dream of over 15 years. And its not bloody easy - especially when youre designing, pattern making, cutting, and sewing half of the gear! But so satisfying when someone says nice shirt, and youve designed it yourself. Makes you feel funny for taking props for all those years when you were wearing someone elses talent! If someone pulls in one of my garments, job done.

  3. Very nice work Dan... congrats on the launch.

  4. Lovely shirts mate. I'll be picking up the union ASAP. Keep up the good work!