19 June 2011


Maybe it's because I've just watched a load of 'Nam films recently but I love shit like this at the moment. Whilst the heritage and workwear thing can occasionally take a beating by those in the industry, people like myself just like it if it's cool and want to wear it. Military inspired stuff is certainly seeping through right now and I'm sure there's a lot more to come next season.
The authentic and original here though, a selection of standard issue utility uniform and a few captured NVA items too - like the bush hat, belt, canteen and rucksack. Named to and worn by a one 'J.E. Latino' of G Company, 2nd Battalion, 4th Marines. USMC circa 1964-66.
Pics shamelessly nabbed from sgt.hulka, similar vibes here: M-sixty Fivers.


  1. I have the second jacket and the utility trousers. the jacket I don't wear as much as I used to but it is A+. The trousers get worn at least 1x a week. They are my absolute favorite article of clothing that I own.

  2. there's some gems in ryan's vintage, i picked up a camo jacket fro £12. not that old, label states 80s but it's worth a gander if you're in the area, maybe the army shop in afflecks too

  3. Bit of an obsession with the Vietnam War here! Nice little piece. Very interesting pictures and a bit of a story behind it too which is always good.