25 June 2011


Summer is a bummer, unless I'm paddling through the sea in sunnier climes or clocking peaches on the beaches I'm not overly arsed with it, if it's not wasps in my pint, I'm sneezing like a cartoon cat. I like a nice wasted afternoon/evening in the beer garden as much as anybody though. I also like a nice simple function in my wares and this summer you could do a lot worse than going commando in some nice, cool mesh shoes.

Generic Surplus, borstal mesh, from LA's back to basic sneaker brand - perfect for kicking in the goolies.

Vera, 'meshpadrilles', perfect for a Spanish stroll/walk down Newport Beach.

Gordini, the Grandaddy of mesh shoes, quite literally, like something out of a Sunday supplement, yet cool as fuckery with a pair of cords and a walking stick, just kidding.


  1. Ace, I want some of those old cord shoes from back in the day, the proper old man at the seaside ones.