13 May 2011

Recent Pickups.

Not done one of these for a while, hence a few additions, starting out with the Universal Works Fell jacket. You'll know by now I'm into my foul weather wear, and as we're having April showers in May I'll get some good use out of this two tone Millerain version. I've got pretty much the same coat already and it's a fave. Now I know my pics are sexy, but that red really isn't as fruity as it looks.

Sneeze Magazine via the states, I picked these up from Vegas, I've not been there but it sounds good though, dunnit? it's that massive I have to stand at the top of the stairs and get whoever's down there to turn the pages for me. Like it though, I might stick Danny Trejo on the door to scare people.

Continuing the streety vibes with a Supreme ventile bell hat, love a good titfer me, this one took some finding.

Vera, meshspadrilles - clever eh? nice these, I just need to find a beach now, nearest one's Formby, anyone fancy giving us a lift when the rain stops?

Norse Projects Hector Nature cap, a cap? fuck me, what's happening here? I've not worn a cap for a million years. I think the panelled cap's are more acceptable to hide from the sun/babylon under, I've still got to tweak that peak a bit though.

Puma Dallas via Hanon, I'm not a big trainer wearer these days, but I really like these. They even come with an argyle scarf so I can pretend to be Ronnie Corbett/ASC.
Luggers, I've had some sort of Wallabee on my trotters since as far back as I can remember, working in a shoe shop helped. These are the proper pasty shoes - you either love or hate them.
But I can't think of any other shoe that's as comfy from new as these, ever. Thanks to Bob from Cork Grips who asked if I knew anywhere selling any, which in turn led me buying another pair of shoes I really don't need.

Issue one of Loaded for old times sake for a bin lid off eBay. When it actually was for grown ups, =a cool cover too, with our old chum Gary Oldman.

Kes, on Criterion, the inner geek in me is trying to fill the top shelf with Criterion dvds < click there there if you don't know what it is; when arguably my most favouritest film ever got a release I had to get it, even though I've already got it.

Two classic books no man should be without, it's amazing what you can get on eBay when you're bored and have about six quid burning a hole in your Paypal account, the Good Doc's book is thicker than the combined cast from that Only Way is Essex thing. Will take me a while to get through that one.

EG's Ground jacket from a couple of seasons back, looks better with the snap off hood, snapped off. I actually really like the current seasons floral print one, but it's clearly better suited to Bermuda than Bramhall.

Finally, Albam's 'foreman' blazer in raspberry, not pink, not bad this, a bit like what an old lady would go shopping/shooting in, but I like it, the colour's probably the best bit.

Dunlop Volley, perfect for the coming weather I reckon, the more beaten up the better. I love the shape of these.

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  1. it's all looking pretty swish. the albam jacket is pretty affordable