27 May 2011


I make no apologies for all the outdoor stuff I post on here, it's no fad for me, I love the look and feel of it, well, maybe not so much the feel when it comes to pitching up a tent dead high up on a rock face. The art of bivouacking - it looks pretty terrifying, the one time getting out of bed for a slash in the middle of the night aint happening. When thrill seeking is taken to the next level, in fact it's taken so high you have to spend the night there. Serious climbers aren't fazed by severe heights, what's extremely unnerving to you or I is a doddle to them as they take their excitement to the extreme. They've been doing it for years though, as the very recent picture from Canada's Sail Peak shows above, and the original photos from the Yosemite national park in the 60's.

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  1. i saw these in the paper last week, my brain can't comprehend the situation so well