8 January 2011


This looks worth a watch, Director Peter Mullan's Neds, a coming of age drama set in 1970s Glasgow, has already taken two top honours at the San Sebastian Film Festival. Neds - non-educated delinquents an old phrase north of the border, in the modern day you could argue it's Scotch for chav - follows an intelligent boy struggling with gang warfare, an alcoholic father and class barriers.
The film received its world premiere at the Toronto Film Festival recently, where it was screened with subtitles. Coming of age dramas are usually decent, especially with added violence and swearing. Reminiscent of Small Faces (1996) with a hint of This is England, This is Scotland? Peter Mullan - a good actor too, many will think Trainspotting and Shallow Grave, but I'd say Riff Raff and My Name is Joe. On the other side of the camera he is known for the hard hitting The Magdalene Sisters (2002) and the excellent underrated and underwatched Orphans (1997)
Looking forward to it.