14 January 2011

Il Ritorno dei Paninari.

a Stockport based chap carrying the look off in Amsterdam 1984, early Stone Island yachting jacket, Timberland deck shoes and Chevignon strides. Thanks to John P for the pic.

"I remember when I was a child/Kid and we wear stuff like uniform, Avirex, Naj-oleari, Timberland, Best Company, Foxhound and a jacket called "Dolomite". Anyway, few years a go i was with some pals of mine down in a pizzeria/panineria called "Portobello" in my City (Catania). During the '80 this place was a tipical meeting place of Paninari. Near the place was a garage with a lot of spray writings between Paninari vs dark and viceversa." Angelo, Catania.

The Return of the Paninaro, if you've more than a passing interest in what you wear then you'll have probably noticed we've gone right through an eighties revival over the last couple of years, right through, everything's a bit Paninaro at the moment, Timberland deck shoes, Henri Lloyd yachting coats and Moncler puffas, Burlington socks, rolled up jeans and chinos, colourful sweatshirts and sunglasses, a trend styled by young Italians on their scooters in the early 80's which took off over here along with The Pet Shop Boys' tribute single of the same name, a look which at times only someone from Bologna could really pull off to the full extent, but mixed and matched became classic style, classic labels which I know never really went away for some. Now it seems they're back with the recent release of this Italian film. Heading into the 90s next then for sure, we'll all be tucking our jumpers into our strides soon, I'm off to find some old Naff Naff stuff before anyone else gets on it.


  1. http://www.oipolloi.com/Blog/OiPolloi-Blog-125-IlRitornoDeiPaninari.html

  2. Thought you might like this:


    Reminds me of Samantha, a lovely girl from Milano who I had a little thing with as a 16 year old when I drove down to Italy with my dad in 1988. Boos post, la.

  3. Il Gran Gallo apprezza il vostro interessamento al nostro Film IL RITORNO DEI PANINARI !!!