18 October 2010

Son of a Stag.

Whether you are a full on denim nerd or just someone who takes more than a bit of pride in your strides, this is a store you should visit. Situated down London's trendy Brick Lane - The Old Truman Brewery, Son of a Stag boasts to be the capital's best denim store, carrying the likes of Levis LVC, Lee, Edwin, Wrangler, Studio, Allevol, Kuro and Spellbound along with the more obscure and exclusively stocked imports amongst their premium denim range, sat alongside some of the best shoes and boots. Their stock and knowledge aside, what makes this store stand out is the in house chain stitch service on offer utilising original Union Special chainstitch machines with original threads so you can get your jeans hemmed the proper way whilst you have a browse.
Photography by Richard Johnson.
91 Brick Lane, The Old Truman Brewery.
London, E1 6QL


  1. Great blog mate, some really fresh gear. Do you sell any of your coats?

  2. Thanks.
    Yeah I do sometimes sell stuff, I sell, then buy, then sell, then buy, and it goes on and on...

  3. that duffle is great, any ideas of the make?

  4. I can't say for sure, but a good start would be Gloverall. From this time last year:

  5. Nice article and thank you for stating Allevol (it is an honour to be noted!)

    The jacket must be Gloverall, as far as I am aware. They also have Brit traditional styled jacket (lovely green colour one, by Gloverall) and the silhouette is beautifully modernised (quite tight).

    I also like to say the pictures are nicely framed and beautiful and I especially liked the 5th one.

    Look forward to seeing more good stuff!

  6. good call, never realized a duffle could look so good cropped. might have to take my brooks brothers to the tailor..