14 October 2010

Recent Pick-ups.

Some more buys over the last couple of months, I've not won the pools or 'owt, I started this post in like, early September. Stansfield patchwork work shirt via Daniel Jenkins and their lovely old fashioned packaging. Bargainous.

Ralph Lauren custom fit club shirt, what can be better than a nice chambray shirt? a chambray shirt with a club collar, dapper.

Benetton long sleeve polo, and red woolly hat, I picked these up from the Oxford Circus store, I could have picked a lot more bits up but do you know those nuisance late customers staff wait to fuck off so they can shut? that was me. I like Benetton, it's like an Italian M&S and as high street as they come, but seemingly only available over here in London and Truro.

'Pastel Pete' shirt, a rather funky shirt via tuktuk, nice for a splash of colour.

A Japanese made American hunting vest by Newco, I know, I know I'm the least likely person to go and fill innocent young ducks with lead, but it's quite interesting, it has a large rubber bag attached to the back for dead, soggy animals, nice. Never gonna wear it, never gonna wear it...

Fjällräven Greenland, their classic jacket which I've just rewaxed, as said previously it's now gone Fjall circle, we were wearing it before it went to Tedsville anyway.

Another classic revisited, the Barbour Thornproof Beaufort in sage, I've had several waxy Barbours and even though they smell like Emmerdale, you can't go wrong.

OP's and GK's The Rig Out.
Some more new cards, Bateman's gonna piss when he sees these, again!

What's that smell? I'll tell you, it's that unmistakable stench of vintage goretex. Recently got hold of another vintage REI Co-op goretex parka (above) via Utah's city of trees, Pleasant Grove, I hope that's as nice as it sounds. You should know by now that I'm happiest in some good old fashioned outdoorsy wear. This is the fourth REI I've had and it's one fine specimen, pockets and details in all the right places.

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