7 July 2010


I'm not one for spending loads of cash on sunglasses, something I'll probably only wear a dozen times a year anyway, past experience makes me think it's a bit of waste, these things get lost or broken fairly easily. I've been unlucky in my quest for some eye wear this year, they seemed to be the only thing I get gazumped with on eBay, or the one's I choose always get the most bids. Trying to find something alternative and for less money isn't as easy as it sounds, there's plenty of fakes out there too, I've had a right mix of Ray Ban Wayfarers/Clubmasters in years gone by from the good to the bad, to those which were probably made by Malaysian children on ten pence an hour, and some which were sound as a pound but not costing not full whack.
I recently got these vintage tortoiseshell Polaroids dating from the 1960's, very mod, very Italian Job, a touch geeky, but I like them, they have been doing sunglasses since the 30's and as long as they look alright and stop that sunny glare that scorches my eyeballs I'm happy with 'em, still can't find the bit that takes pictures though. Pfft.

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