29 July 2010


This is a really nice jacket, The Nigel Cabourn Cameraman Jacket which is inspired by the original jacket worn by photographer Wilfrid Noyce during expeditions to Everest. This recent release is a painstaking recreation of the original, with Mackintosh uppers in a lovely orange and Harris Tweed lower sections, the contrast which really works for me. All made in England.
At nine hundred quid it's pretty damn expensive, the days of me being able to spunk that on one item of clothing are long gone, so the next best thing...posting about it on here.
Pics shamelessy taken from End.


  1. Nigel Cabourn make some fantastic jackets. The Cameraman is lovely but again is eyewateringly expensive. Have you seen the Antarctic Parka they've put out? Modelled on Edmund Hilary's jacket during his climb on Everest. Lovely jacket, but at a grand and a half - no, thank you.

  2. I had the Hillary parka he did for Debenhams several years back, which might sound a bit odd now, but it was still a well made coat, in fact in my humble, it would never actually get cold enough here to wear it, even in our deepest darkest winter. I sold it to my friend Jim in the Midwest and he'd get a lot more use out of it than I could.

  3. "the days of me being able to spunk that on one item of clothing are long gone,"

    You've previously spent over 900 bof on an item?


  4. Nah, spent half that on one item in the past, couldn't do nearly a grand on a coat, wouldn't want to wear it out, imagine getting a blip burn on it?

  5. Wait and get a Superdry/ASOS version in three winters time?