21 December 2009

A Winter's Trail

With it just four days until Christmas day, I'm finally feeling a little festive.
Waking up on Sunday morning to see sprinkles of snowflakes flickering behind the bedroom blind, I got up to discover a snow covered garden. Proper snow, not that shit icy hail we get, but real bright, white snow.
Enough to cover everything from parked cars to frozen dog poop, a clean blanket of pure whiteness. Now I'm sure anyone reading from further afield will think this is toy snow in comparison to the States or Scandinavia, but this is as good as it gets for us.
Stuck enough and thick enough it crunches under each and every footstep. Fantastic.
I think in my lifetime growing up in the North West of England we've had maybe one 'White Christmas'. To me it looks great, to the rest of the country we seem to go into a rather embarrassing meltdown, flights are cancelled, trains shut down, lorries are backed up, and every one's in a state of panic.
Not me, I went for a walk instead.
Today the sun was shining, so it was time to make the most of it.
I put on my Berghaus 'Trango', Connoisseur scarf, vintage Lacoste ski hat, cords, thick socks and some Cabourn x Brasher boots, along with a Mulberry fair isle fisherman's pullover over a denim shirt, so woolly it's hairy, so hairy it's itchy, but who's looking? snug as a bug in a rug.

I like to go a wondering...


  1. I did a similar recording myself week before xmas - I twisted my ankle 100 yards from my front door.

    It was captured on film, but too graphic to show.

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